We can be proud of the design of Pizzeria Luca

It was in March 2022 that the owners of Luca Italian Kitchen decided to hire Greenfield Architects for this project since they wanted to open a casual version of their existing restaurant at The Crossing of Conestoga Creek Retail Center across from Long's Park, another project Greenfield Architects was involved in.

Taking shape is a 3,500 square foot restaurant slated to be open by the end of the summer or early fall of 2023. Among the notable design features of the restaurant is an outdoor dining area with a covered heated canopy and a wood burning fireplace, which allows outdoor dining to be enjoyed for the majority of the year round. The indoor dining area includes a built-in bar with various types of seating for intimate dining and bar service. A takeout order area is available for quick service.

We all love Italian and pizza, so we are very excited to be able to visit their new restaurant together as well as invite you to do the same.

The project is being built by CCS Building Group. 

A progress shot for August 2023 is shown.

Pizzeria Luca @ The Crossings 3D View