Greenfield Architects Aids Orchard Ridge Apartments in Post-Fire Re-Design

In the wake of a devastating fire at Orchard Ridge Apartments in Chester County, which left 16 apartments heavily damaged or destroyed, Greenfield Architects has stepped in to spearhead a comprehensive re-design effort. Tasked with creating a contextual design that blends seamlessly with the existing multifamily buildings, Greenfield Architects is committed to minimizing disruption to current residents during construction.

The re-design focuses on upgrading the new units to meet current codes while maintaining the original building footprint, upgrading the existing balconies to provide fire protection that exceeds the original building design and providing a unique structural design to allow the existing structural elements to be re-used while meeting newer stringent code requirements.

The exterior of the building will also see significant improvements, with all-new finishes and refreshed landscaping encircling the building, elevating the aesthetic appeal and safety of the community.

Orchard Ridge Apartments