Greenfield Architects Mini-Golf Course Design for Corporate Events!

We are thrilled to announce our first-ever venture into the world of mini-golf course design. In partnership with Adventure Golf & Sports, we have crafted a distinctive and thrilling experience for our corporate employees.

The event and planning team went above and beyond to create a mini-golf course that embodies the company's values, innovation, and team spirit. Highlights include:

  • Custom-Designed Obstacles: Move over traditional windmills and loop-de-loops! Our mini-golf course boasts obstacles inspired by the company's diverse departments. Imagine maneuvering around hotel beds, dodging oversized architectural tees and beams, and putting across steel bridges and through a tiny multifamily complex. Each obstacle represents a different aspect of High’s work, adding both fun and significance to the game.
  • Afternoon of Fun: Colleagues gathered for an enjoyable afternoon, sharing updates on projects, exchanging stories, relishing delicious food, and engaging in some friendly competition.
  • Adventure Golf & Sports’ Mini Golf Product: Adventure Golf & Sports offers a range of customizable mini-golf products, including eye-catching courses that can be used indoors or outdoors. Their distinctive shapes facilitate inventive course layouts.


The event was a resounding hole-in-one achievement.