Tom Marcinkoski marks 25 years of service

Greenfield Architects Ltd. a leading architectural firm, proudly recognizes Tom Marcinkoski, Senior Project Architect, for his remarkable 25 years of service. Tom’s unwavering commitment, creativity, and expertise have significantly contributed to our success.

A Quarter Century of Excellence

Since joining Greenfield Architects Ltd. in 1999, Tom Marcinkoski has become an essential part of our team. He is responsible for overseeing the design, management, and execution of architectural projects. His enthusiasm for architecture and commitment to client service have made a lasting impact on our firm. His knack for building client relationships guarantees that we meet their needs with precision.

A Diverse Portfolio

With 40 years' experience, Tom has an impressive portfolio that spans various sectors:

  • Commercial and Office Spaces

  • Manufacturing and Industrial Facilities

  • Hospitality Projects

  • County and Municipal Government Agencies

Notable projects include MOT Charter School, Schott Pharmaceutical, Quality Bicycle Products, Courtyard By Marriott Lancaster, Pennsylvania College of Health Science, and his extensive work with the County of Lancaster.

Thank You

Thank you for your 25 years of service, Tom. Our team is fortunate to have you as a member and we look forward to continuing to collaborate with you for many years to come.

Marking his 25th Service Anniversary: Tom Marcinkoski