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V & S Lebanon Galvanizing LLC Jonestown, PA

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Facility: New Metal Coating Facility
Size: 125,000 SF
Location: Jonestown, PA
Services Provided:

Architecture Design

Hot dip galvanizing is a corrosion protection process that consists of dipping steel into a bath of molten zinc to produce a zinc-iron alloy layer on the surface. V&S's hot dip galvanizing and duplex coating facility in Jonestown, PA, is the largest of its kind on the East Coast. It features galvanizing kettles that can accommodate 90-foot bridge beams and cellular phone towers. The entire operation, including loading, unloading, storage, cleaning, galvanizing, and inspection, is performed indoors, assisted by two 15-ton bridge cranes and three 10-ton bridge cranes. Three receiving docks flank the west side of the facility, and match up with three shipping docks on the east side, enabling efficient, "assembly line" production. Approximately 1.1 million pounds of galvanized steel was used in construction. The facility has the capacity to process 84 million pounds of steel annually.