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Turkey Hill Dairy Conestoga, PA

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Facility: New Cooler Warehouse, office with Separate Manufacturing Facility and Pump House Buildings
Size: 78, 000 SF Cooler Warehouse; 10,000 SF Office; 25,000 SF detached Maintenance Building
Location: Conestoga, PA
Services Provided:

Architecture Design

Project consisting of a new cooler warehouse with office and a separate maintenance facility building with cooler storage area, wash bay, fuel island, pump house and water storage tanks. Full site development on this 32-acre parcel includes both truck and employee parking, all utilities, water tank, significant earthwork and retaining walls with trailer guards and fall protection. The Maintenance Building includes two Service Bays, three Tractor Bays, one Machine Bay, one Wash Bay (interior and exterior automated truck washing), Office Support spaces, Tire Storage Room, Parts Storage Room, two Cooler Service Bays, Maintenance Room, Receiving dock, and covered Fuel Island for truck fueling. Special systems include oil and lube reel systems, oil changing pit, truck exhaust collection system and compressed air. The Cooler Warehouse includes a high speed product conveyor and pick system to take product orders for retailers including Turkey Hill Markets, small buy / sell retailers, and large grocery store chains. The Warehouse will store products at temperatures between 37 and 39 degrees prior to shipping. Products stored include all products produced at the existing facility to the East of the 32 acre site including all types of teas. The Warehouse also provides support spaces including Forklift Maintenance, Utility Rooms, Shipping and Receiving Docks, and Warehouse Offices. The Office Building includes all support spaces for the Warehouse building including open Office Cubicles, Manager and Supervisor Offices, Accounting Office, Driver’s Hub, Distribution Manager Offices, Training Offices, Computer Support Office, Utility Clerk Office, Locker Rooms, Break Room, and Conference Room.